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The big great surprise

Well it seemed impossible even on March 22nd, but it does appear that Spring may arrive after all. Back in Tennessee we could still have a succession of mini-winters, but we soften the blow by giving them names like redbud winter or blackberry winter. In South Carolina, my son-in-law has already mowed his yard. In Chicago they still have their snow shovels working. We are in the same season but not in the same way.





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Rule change opens the way for Co-Moderators of the General Assembly

Apr 16, 2015

Some congregations have co-pastors. Presbyteries can elect co-moderators. So why shouldn’t there be Co-Moderators of the General Assembly?

Now, for the first time, there can be, thanks to a little-noticed action of the 221st General Assembly (2014) (Minutes, 2014, Part I, Item 03-04, Recommendation 8, pp. 12, 21, 184). Commissioners approved a change in the Standing Rules of the General Assembly that allows two people to stand for election as Co-Moderators and serve together as a team.

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