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A distinct family portrait of the PC(USA)

There are eighty-nine years of living between my mother and my grandson. Yet they are experiencing similar journeys of self-discovery. My mother lives with dementia. It would be inaccurate to say she suffers from it. She treats it more like a traveling partner. While she has forgotten a lot of good things, she also has forgotten a lot of hurts and angers.






grandmother and grandson


The Constitution of the PC(USA)

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New life is breathed into Eugene Carson Blake Scholarship

May 27, 2016

Eugene Carson Blake

Transitions don’t always go smoothly, and very often vital resources unintentionally slip through the cracks in the process. Such was the case with the Eugene Carson Blake Scholarship.

The scholarship is for students from the United States who show promise for church leadership to attend the Ecumenical Institute at Bossey, Switzerland. Recipients participate in a four-month intensive graduate program that exposes them to the full spectrum of Christian traditions and explores the ecumenical and mission challenges churches face today.

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