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Bound together

There is something about snow that binds together a neighborhood. I noticed on my street that the first driveway cleared was the house of the widow of one of our more colorful characters. She never touched a shovel. People helped each other push their cars out of icy ruts. As our streets became more narrow, folks did the dance of who went first with some grace. Without any discussion we agreed to only attempt the hill at the entrance one at a time.




people pushing a car

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Morning by morning

Mar 25, 2015

I am struck even more so by these verses and hymn as I face my diagnosis with breast cancer. The prognosis is good and I have already started chemotherapy as the first measure in this healing process. There is also surgery and treatments to face in the future as well. But I find myself taking things one step at a time, getting more attune to the needs of my body and the surprises that each new day may bring.

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