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As I look over the monthly columns that I have written in the past twelve months, I realize that a fourth of them have been about racism. The latest public incident is the murders at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church (Mother Emanuel) in Charleston, South Carolina. Mother Emanuel is another in a long tragic list of African American churches that have been bombed, burned, shot up, and defaced.




Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church (Mother Emanuel) in Charleston, South Carolina


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PC(USA) leaders issue statement on church burnings

Jul 1, 2015

A hate-inspired tragedy like the murder of nine worshipers at the Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina, causes people of good conscience not only to grieve, but to reassess their attitudes about race, and moves people of all races to come together and take actions that reflect new commitments to heal long-standing wounds in the United States.

Unfortunately, those commitments to reconciliation inflame in some the same racial hatred that motivated the Charleston killings and result in a backlash of further violence. In the last week, at least seven churches with predominantly black membership have been burned ...

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