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Documents & Resources

  • PIF Tips for Interims

    Issued May 12, 2010

    Ministers of Word and Sacrament who are interested in serving as interim pastors or in interim governing body positions should complete a Personal Information Form (PIF) following “Instructions for Entering ...

  • Covenanting with inquirers and candidates — A background paper

    Issued May 4, 2010

    Establishing and maintaining a relationship between an inquirers and candidates and a Committee on Preparation for Ministry through the use of covenants depends on two basic assumptions about the preparation ...

  • Final assessment

    Issued May 4, 2010

    Information the Committee on Preparation for Ministry is expected to have at final assessment, serves as a final consultation to make sure the candidate has fulfilled all of the requirements ...

  • Libro de Orden

    Issued March 22, 2010

    Segunda parte de la Constitución de la Iglesia Presbiteriana (EUA) Este documento contiene la Forma de Gobierno, el Directorio de Adoración, las Reglas de Disciplina y la Formula de Acuerdo. ...

  • Libro de Confesiones

    Issued March 22, 2010

    Primera parte de la Constitución de la Iglesia Presbiteriana (EEUUA) Contiene 11 confesiones, declaraciones, catecismos y credos comenzando con el Credo Niceno.

  • CLP Assessment sample

    Issued March 5, 2010

    Selected CLP examination questions from Huntingdon Presbytery

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