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Big Tent 2017

Guidebook Event App


A mobile version of our Program Guide is available using the Guidebook App.

Available on these platforms

How to get it

What it can do

  • The entire Big Tent schedule is right on your mobile device. You can pick individual sessions or events and add them to your personalized schedule with reminders. If you want more details, you simply click on a session. You can also create your own custom schedule of personal appointments.
  • The Interact feed is a great place to see what’s going on at your event! Read announcements, post pictures, find popular sessions, and have discussions with fellow attendees all in one place.
  • Join in the online chat directly within the app with Facebook and Twitter.
  • If you choose to log in, you can check in as an Attendee and see who else is there! You can add a picture and modify your profile, if you would like to share information with other attendees. 
  • and more…