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Big Tent 2017

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We are all one church so why wouldn't we ensure that all of us gathering for the Big Tent can fully participate. During Big Tent, participants will have the ability to do just that! This is possible with (pronounced spiffy-oh), an online application that delivers real-time captions and translations through your own smartphone and mobile device.

Spanish, Korean, and English translations, subtitles, and audio accessibility for the worship services, Bible study, and many of the plenary sessions offered in the Graham Chapel will be delivered directly to your mobile device—android, iPhone, tablets, etc.

It is as simple as visiting a special webpage to select your preferred language or modality.

How to access

  • Open with any internet browser such as Safari or Chrome.
  • Select your language (English, Korean, or Spanish)
  • Wait for the Big Tent session to begin
  • When the Big Tent session begins, you can view slides and read live sub-titles on your device.
  • If you wish to hear the subtitles read to you, plug in headphones, tap on the audio icon, and listen.

Training Videos (English, Español & 한국어)



한국어—Multilingual made simple—is a product of TheoTech LLC. For more information visit them on the web or download this promotional flyer (PDF).

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