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Committee on the Office of the General Assembly

Meeting Papers


Committee on the Office of the General Assembly
Meeting Papers
April 23-25, 2019


First Plenary [A]
Plenary with the Board of the Presbyterian Historical Society (PHS)    

Second Plenary [B]
Item B-01     Approval of the COGA Agenda (pdf) as of April 18, 2019
Item B-02    Report of the COGA Moderator (pdf)
Item B-03    Report of the Co-Moderators of the 223rd General Assembly (2018)
Item B-04    Report from the Stated Clerk of the General Assembly
Item B-05a  Review of COGA Minutes - February 2-6, 2019 (pdf)
Item B-05b  Review of  COGA Minutes - Coordinating Committee Conference Call (pdf)
Item B-05c  Review of COGA Conference Call Minutes -  March 21, 2019 (pdf)
Item B-06    Update from  COGA Nominating Committee
Item B-07    Update on PMA Board
Item B-08    Update on GACEIR
Item B-09    Update on Stated Clerk Nominating Committee
Item B-10    Update on PC(USA) A-Corp Board
Item B-11     Draft OGA Vision Statement (pdf)
Item B-12     Referrals from 223rd General Assembly (2018) (pdf)
Item B-13     Special Committees - Reporting Expectations
Item B-14     Special Committees - List of Committees (pdf)
Item B-14a   Special Entity Appointments Remaining (pdf) 
Item B-15     Special Committees - Moving Forward Implementation Committee
Item B-16     Per Capita Apportionment Relief Policy (pdf)

Third Plenary [C]
Executive Session

Fourth Plenary [D]
Item D-01    Orientation to Work of PHS
Item D-02    Report from COGA Liaison to the PHS Board
Item D-03    Report from PHS Board Chair
Item D-04    Report from PHS Executive Director
Item D-05a  Presentation of OGA Financials - Details (pdf)
Item D-05b  Presentation of OGA Financials - Report (pdf)
Item D-06    Executive Session with COGA/PHS Board and Task Force 
                       PHS Responsibilities (pdf)

Fifth Plenary [E]
Working Group Meetings
Item E-01    Mid Councils
Item E-02    Session's Annual Statistical Report
Item E-03    General Assembly Cost Reduction Review

Sixth Plenary [F]
Item F-01    COGA Proposed Manual of Operations (pdf)
Item F-02    Denominational Statistics (pdf)

Seventh Plenary [G]
Item G-01    Morning prayer
Reports from Working Groups
Item G-02    Mid Councils
Item G-03    Session's Annual Statistical Report
Item G-04    General Assembly Cost Reduction Review

Eighth Plenary [H]
Item H-01    Big Tent Planning
Item H-02    Organization for Mission Revision
Item H-03    Personnel Updates (pdf)

Item H-04    Expense Reports PDF Version
Item H-05    Approval of Transfer of Access (pdf)

Items for Information Only
Info-01      Update on the work of Mid Council Ministries (pdf)

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