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Committee on the Office of the General Assembly

Meeting Papers


Committee on the Office of the General Assembly
Meeting Papers
February 6-8, 2018


First Plenary [A]
Item A-02    Approval of Proposed COGA Agenda - as of 02/06/2018 (pdf)
Item A-03    (a) Approval of COGA Minutes from September 2017 Meeting (pdf)
Item A-03    (b) Approval of COGA Coordinating Committee Minutes from January 2018  (pdf)
Item A-04    Report of the COGA Moderator
Item A-05    Report of the Co-Moderators of the 222nd General Assembly (2016)
Item A-06    Report from the Stated Clerk of the General Assembly

Second Plenary [B]
Item B-02    COGA Nominating Committee
Item B-03    PHS Board  and COGA Agreement
Item B-04    Report from PHS Board Chair (pdf)
Item B-05    PHS Budget Resolution      
Item B-06    PHS Board Nominees (pdf)
Item B-07    Report from PHS Executive Director
Item B-08    PMA Audit Committee
Item B-09    GACEIR
Item B-10    Update on Staffing and Personnel Searches (pdf)

Third Plenary [C]
Meeting with COLA Leadership

Fourth Plenary [D]
Visit with local leaders of Hands and Feet

Fifth Plenary [E]
Item E-02   GA223 Update
Item E-03    Review Overtures of 223rd General Assembly (Link to PC-Biz)
Item E-04    Overtures to the 223rd General Assembly (2018) (pdf)

Sixth Plenary [F]
Item F          Per Capita Budget Presentation (pdf)
Item F-01    2018-2020 Budget Summary (pdf)
Item F-02    2018-2020 OGA Designated Budget (pdf)

Seventh Plenary [G]
Working Group Session

Eighth Plenary [H]
Item H-01    Report from GA Referral 03-03 Working Group
Item H-02    Report from Statistics Working Group (pdf)
Item H-03    Report from Mid Councils Working Group (pdf)

Ninth Plenary [I]
Item I-01    All Agency Review Committee - Proposed Amendments to Standing Rules Regarding Commissioner Resolutions (pdf)
Item I-02    All Agency Review Committee - Agency Review Standards (pdf)

Tenth Plenary [J]

Eleventh Plenary [K]
Executive Session

Twelfth Plenary [L]
Item L-02    Election of Associate and Assistant Stated Clerks (pdf)
Item L-03    Review of Responses to Referrals from the 222nd General Assembly (2016) (pdf)
Item L-04    Consideration of Recommendation for Site of 226th General Assembly (2024)
Item L-05    Approval of National Certifying Bodies (pdf)
Item L-06    GANC Proposed Amendents to Organization for Mission (pdf)
Item L-07    GANC Proposed Amendents to Standing Rules of the General Assembly (pdf)

Thirteenth Plenary [M]
Item M-01    Recommendation for the 2018-2020 Per Capita Budget & 2019-2020 Designated Budget (pdf)

Fourteenth Plenary [N]
Item N-01    Proposed COGA Schedule at GA223 (pdf)
Item N-02    Assignments for COGA Members at GA223
Item N-03    Proposed COGA Meeting Schedule (pdf)

Information Items
Item Info-01     Report from OGA's Mid Council Ministries (pdf)

Travel Reimbursement Form - Manual Entry (xls)
Travel Reimbursement Form - Computer Entry w/ Formulas (xls)







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