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Committee on the Office of the General Assembly

Meeting Papers


Committee on the Office of the General Assembly
Meeting Papers
February 12-14, 2020


First Plenary [A]
Item A-02    Approval of the COGA Agenda (pdf) as of January 21, 2020
Item A-03    Approval of Minutes from COGA Meeting - September 25-27, 2019 (pdf)
Item A-04    Approval of Notes from COGA Conference Call - October 17, 2019 (pdf)
Item A-05    Approval of Minutes from COGA Conference Call - November 21, 2019 (pdf)
Item A-06    Approval of Minutes from COGA Conference Call - January 16, 2020 (pdf)
Item A-04    Report from the COGA Moderator
Item A-07    Report from the Co-Moderators of the 223rd General Assembly (2018)
Item A-08    Report of the COGA Moderator
Item A-09    Report from the Stated Clerk of the General Assembly
Item A-10     Report from the COGA Nominating Committee

Updates from COGA members serving in other committees:
Item A-11     PMA Board
Item A-12    GACEIR
Item A-13    Stated Clerk Nominating Committee
Item A-14    PC(USA), A Corp
Item A-15    PHS, PHS Board and COGA Leaders

Item A-16    PHS Board Nominees
Item A-17    Update from COGA Per Capita team
Item A-18    Update from the Transforming the Organization for Mission task group

Second Plenary [B]
Item B-01    Approval of National Certifying Bodies
Item B-02    Responses to GA223 Referrals
Item B-03    GA Cost Reduction
Item B-04    Changes to Standing Rules

Third Plenary [C]
Item C-01    Planning for the 224th General Assembly (2020)
Item C-02    GA224 Business Referrals
Item C-03    Organization for Mission Changes

Fourth Plenary [D]
Morning Worship

Fifth Plenary [E] - Joint Meeting of COGA and PMA Board

Update on Equity and Inclusion Audit (20 minutes)
Update on Advocating for Black Girls and Women Task Force (20 minutes)
How do these reports impact our work?

Sixth Plenary [F] - Joint Meeting of COGA and PMA Board

Special Committee UpdatesMoving Forward Implementation Commission (30 Minutes)

Vision 2020 (15 minutes)
Per Capita and Financial Sustainability (30 minutes)

For Approval

GA Per Capita Budget (15 minutes)

Seventh Plenary [G] - Joint Meeting of COGA and PMA Board

Orientation to 224th General Assembly (2020) and Hands & Feet (30 minutes) 
Matthew 25 (30 minutes)
Rules of Discipline Task Force (15 minutes) 
Fundraising at the national level – Stony Point and the Presbyterian Historical Society (15 minutes) 
PC(USA), A Corporation – Kathy Lueckert (15 minutes) 

Administrative Services Group 2021-2022 Budget 

For Approval

Organization for Mission Changes (30 minutes) 

Advocating for Black Girls and Women (20 minutes) 
Equity and Inclusion Audit (20 minutes)

Eighth Plenary [H]

Item H-01    Morning Worship 
Item H-02    Reports from Working GroupsMid Councils – Ocasio Torres, L 
Item H-03    Session’s Annual Statistical Report – Hargrove, L. 
Item H-04    General Assembly Cost Reduction Review – Masters, L. 
Item H-05    Administrative UpdatesUpdated staffing rationale – Rice, K.
Item H-06    Personnel updates – Brown, C. 

Follow-up from 223rd General Assembly (2018) – continued  

Preparation for 224th General Assembly (2020)
Item H-07    Report from Committee on Local Arrangements – TBD 
Item H-08    OGA report to GA – Rice, K. 
Item H-09    COGA report to GA – TBD 


Ninth Plenary [I]

Item I-01    Expense Reimbursement Excel (xls)   Adobe Acrobat (pdf)



Items for Information Only
Info-01     COGA Manual of Operations (pdf)
Info-02    Manual of the General Assembly (pdf)
Info-03    Update from Mid Council Ministries (pdf)

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