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Committee on the Office of the General Assembly

Meeting Papers



June 11, 2020
Zoom Meeting

Meeting Agenda (pdf)

Item A - On the Church in this Moment in History (pdf)
Item B - Letter from PHEWA (pdf)
Item C - Providing Online Space for Commissioners of Color (pdf)
Item D - New Start Time for Moderator Election (pdf)



April 22 Conference Call

Meeting Agenda (PDF)

COGA Special Called Conference Call Minutes - April 20, 2020 (pdf)
COGA Video Conference Minutes - April 15, 2020 (pdf)

Item A - Abbreviated Virtual GA Items of Business (pdf)
Item A1 - Request to Consider Overture 006 (pdf)
Item B - Exhibitor Recommendations (pdf)
Item D - MC Call Notes for COGA (pdf)


April 15-16, 2020


First Plenary [A]
Item A-02    Approval of the COGA Agenda (pdf) as of April 14, 2020

COVID-19 and the 224th General Assembly
Item A-03    Preliminary docket for abbreviated General Assembly (pdf)
Item A-04    List of critical business for abbreviated General Assembly (pdf)
Item A-04a  ACSWP letter to COGA re: virtual assembly options (pdf)
Item A-04b  GACOR letter to COGA re: GA224 (pdf)
Item A-04c  MFIC and the 224th General Assembly (pdf)
Item A-04d  Letter from Family Leave Overture Writing Group (pdf)
Item A-04e  Letter from Israel Palestine Mission Network (pdf)
Item A-04f   Letter from Warren Lesane and Synod Leaders (pdf)
Item A-04g  Note from Syria Lebanon Partnership Network (pdf)
Item A-04h  Former GA Moderators to Stated Clerk and COGA re: Overture 44 to GA224 (pdf)
Item A-05    COGA Comments on GA224 Business (pdf)

Second Plenary [B]
Item B-01a   COGA Minutes from February 12-14, 2020 Meeting (pdf)
Item B-01b   Conference Call Minutes - February 20, 2020 (pdf)
Item B-01c   Conference Call Minutes - March 19, 2020 (pdf)
Item B-01d   Conference Call Minutes - March 26, 2020 (pdf)
Item B-01e   Conference Call Minutes - April 2, 2020 (pdf)
Item B-01f   Conference Call Minutes - April 9, 2020 (pdf)
Item B-02    Report from COGA Moderator
Item B-03    Report of the Co-Moderators of the 223rd General Assembly (2018)
Item B-04    Report of the Stated Clerk of the General Assembly
Item B-05    Update from COGA member serving on PMA Board
Item B-06    Update from COGA member serving on GACEIR
Item B-07    Update from COGA member serving on Stated Clerk Nominating Committee (pdf)
Item B-08    Update from COGA member serving on PC(USA) A-Corp (pdf)
Item B-09    PHS Report to COGA (pdf)
Item B-09a  Nominees for PHS Board (pdf)
Item B-10    Implications of COVID-19 on Budget
Item B-11    FOR ACTION - Per Capita Budget  (pdf)
Item B-11a  FOR ACTION - Per Capita Apportionment Rate (see attachment for B-11)
Item B-12   FOR ACTION - Designated Budget (see attachment for B-11)
Item B-13    Report from Working Group - Team 1
Item B-13a  Comment from Writing Team 1 (pdf)
Item B-14    Report from Working Group - Team 2 (pdf)
Item B-15    Report from Working Group - Team 3 (pdf)

Items for Information Only
Info-01     COGA Manual of Operations (pdf)
Info-02    Manual of the General Assembly (pdf)
Info-03   2018 - 2020 Per Capita Budget (pdf)

Expense Reimbursement Form Excel (xls)   Adobe Acrobat (pdf)


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