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Committee on the Office of the General Assembly




March 21-23, 2017


First Plenary
Item 2.c.      Approval of the COGA Meeting Agenda (pdf)
Item 2.d.1.   Meeting Minutes - February 2016 (pdf)
Item 2.d.2.  Conference Call Minutes - 05/04/16 (pdf)
Item 2.d.3.  Coord. Committee Minutes - 06/03/16 (pdf)
Item 2.d.4.  Meeting Minutes - October 2016 (pdf)
Item 2.d.5.  Coord. Committee Minutes - 11/11/16 (pdf)
Item 2.d.6.  Coord. Committee Minutes - 12/16/16 (pdf)
Item 2.d.7.  Coord. Committee Minutes - 02/02/17 (pdf)
Item 2.e.      Report from the COGA Moderator
Item 2.f.       Report from the Co-Moderators of the 222nd General Assembly (pdf)

Second Plenary
Item 7.b.      Report from the Stated Clerk of the General Assembly
Item 7.c.      Big Tent Update (pdf)
Item 7.d.      223rd General Assembly (2018) Update (pdf)
Item 7.e.      OGA Budget Update (pdf)
Item 7.f.       PHS Update (pdf)
Item 7.g.      Election of Assistant Stated Clerks (pdf)
Item 9.h.     Report from OGA's Mid Council Ministries (pdf)
Item 9.h.1.  Report from the Education Certification Committee (pdf)
Item 9.h.2.  Staffing Update
Item 9.h.3.  Ruling Elder Training
Item 9.h.4.  Report Regarding Bible Content Examinations (pdf)
Item 9.i.       All Agency Review Committee
Item 9.j.       Vision 2020 Committee                         

Third Plenary
Item 16.b.    Debrief Community Conversation

Fourth Plenary
Item 25.a.     Working Group Report Back - OGA Review Compliance 
                        Draft of Stated Clerk Evaluation Instrument (pdf)
Item 25.b.     GACOR Introductory Session (pdf)
Item 27.c.      Way Forward Commission
Item 27.d.     Executive Session Report Back
Item 27.e.1.   Working Group Report Back - GA Meetings
Item 27.e.2.   Working Group Report Back - Statistics


Travel Reimbursement Form - Manual Entry (xls)
Travel Reimbursement Form - Computer Entry w/ Formulas (xls)







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