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General Assembly Permanent Judicial Commission

GAPJC Members and Electoral Process


The General Assembly Permanent Judicial Commission (GAPJC) is composed of one member from each of its constituent synods. One’s membership on the GAPJC shall end when he or she transfers membership to a church or presbytery outside the synod from which nominated. Every two years, the General Assembly shall elect members for a term of six years to fill the vacancies then occurring. Their terms of office will begin with the dissolution of the General Assembly at which they are elected.

Any vacancy due to resignation, death, or any other cause may be filled by the electing governing body, which may elect a person to fill the unexpired term at any meeting thereof.

Members of the General assembly permanent judicial commission

Executive Committee
Ruth Goldthwaite, Moderator
Paul Hooker, Vice Moderator
Deborah Little Cohn, Clerk
Kevin Nollette, Assistant Clerk

Class of 2020
Maurice Caskey, Synod of Southern California and Hawaii
Deborah Little Cohn, Synod of Lakes and Prairies
Ruth Goldthwaite, Synod of the Pacific
William Myers, Synod of the Covenant
Kevin L. Nollette, Synod of Alaska/Northwest
Mari Glory Gonzalez Guerra, Synodo Boriquen en Puerto Rico

Class of 2022
Paul Hooker, Synod of the Sun
Jean C. Kennedy, Synod of the Trinity
Craig Lindsey, Synod of the Northeast
June L. Lorenzo, Synod of the Southwest
Susan McGhee, Synod of Lincoln Trails

Class of 2024
Brian Ellison, Synod of Mid-America
David Goss, Synod of Rocky Mountains
Linda Johnston, Synod of the South Atlantic
Diana Moore, Synod of Living Waters
James Pak, Synod of Mid-Atlantic