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The Synod COR Training Event

The Synod COR Training Event

2015 Synod Committee on Representation Training Event

The General Assembly Committee on Representation hosts the Synod COR Training Event, from 5:30pm Friday, October 9, to noon on Sunday, October 11, at the Portland Hilton in Downtown Portland Oregon.  

The gathering theme is Unity & Diversity, continuing to build on the wild success of the training in Chicago. As the church faces complex challenges, the training is centered on Christian identity formed at the table in Christ and with one another, examinations of power and privilege, making room for all and responding to a hurting world divided by difference. 

Registration will begin at 4pm. The training event will begin Friday evening with dinner at 5:30 pm, with the attendees of the other concurrent events (of the AMCL, ASC and Moderator Conference), followed by Bible Study with the Rev. Dr. Teresa Chávez Sauceda. Exploration of the themes will continue through engaging workshops and sessions throughout the weekend.  On Sunday, October 11th, GACOR, AMCL & ASC will be hold a combined worship service with the Rev. Larissa Kwong Abazia, Vice Moderator of the 221st General Assembly and member of GACOR, preaching.

Attendees may stay and attend pre-Polity Conference workshops at no additional cost.

Visit the event page to register.