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Constitutional Interpretation

Constitutional Musings


A Constitutional Musing is a reflection given by the Office of the General Assembly on a particular issue being currently considered by councils within the church. Although it carries no binding authority, a musing acts as helpful resource intended to guide councils as they encounter various issues within the church.

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  1. We need constituional guidance - or at least musing on the new strategy of governance by intentional tension. How is it consitutional to govern by the conscious cultivation of tension between AI's and the settled constitutioanl convictions enshrined in the BOC? What resoruces are available for relief of conscience during these times of tension. How can tensions be resolved. Why is it better to embark on a path where solutions to these tensions emerge after the fact, than prevent them from occuring in the first place? What are the pros and cons of each position? Now is the time for this office to earn its keep - in my humble opinion. I look forward to your response. In Christ, David KEster, Ph.D. CRE Anderson Memorial PCUSA

    by David KEster

    June 23, 2014


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