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G.A. Co-Moderators

First Ecclesiology Colloquium-Austin 2013


10:20 A.M. CDT


donate button for the colloquiumA Conversation on our Shared Identity of Being Liturgical-Missional Communities.

Though there is no fee to attend, please click the following link to register in advance

April 23-25, 2013
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

A. Typical plan for each session.

90 minutes total

  1. A paper by one writer – commissioned, written, and distributed at least a month beforehand – 20 minutes
    1. Read by all beforehand; not read at the event; author may not be present (join via Skype or teleconference);
    2. Made electronically available to all registrants (more broadly?);
  2. 2 responders, each with written 10 minutes responses to the paper, presented live; 20 minutes; Responders will include members of the Seminary community and the planning team
  3. A panel of 3-5 who respond to both the original paper and written responses live; 20 minutes; blind to responses;
  4. The actual audience – primarily the seminary community - asks questions of (makes comments to) the author, responders and panel; 10-15 minutes;

B. Paper Presenters and Titles

C. About the Presenters

  • Darrell Guder -  Henry Winters Luce Professor of Missional and Ecumenical Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ
  • Marney A. Wasserman - Pastor, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Tucson, AZ
  • Teresa Stricklen - Associate for Worship, Office of Theology, Worship, and Education, Presbyterian Mission Agency, Louisville, KY
  • Thomas E. Smith - Pastor, Presbyterian Chapel of the Lakes, Angola, IN
  • Allen Permar Smith - Pastor, Kenilworth Presbyterian Church, Asheville, NC
  • Heidi Worthen Gamble - Mission Advocate for Hunger, Poverty, and Peacemaking Concerns, Presbytery of the Pacific, Los Angeles, CA
  • David Stubbs - Professor of Theology and Ethics, Western Theological Seminary, Holland, MI

D. Tentative Schedule for April 23-25

April 23 sdfb  CS
9:30-11am CDT Session 1 David Stubbs (biblical overview w/ theol)
2 responders:
3-5 panel:
11 – 1pm  Chapel/Lunch Chapel at 11:10am
1 – 2:30pm Session 2 Marney A. Wasserman (eucharist to mission)
2 responders:
3-5 panel:
2:30 – 2:45pm Break  
2:45 – 4:15pm Session 3 Allen Permar Smith (mission/witness focus)
2 responders:
3-5 panel:
April 24    
10 – 11:30am Session 4

Darrell Guder (theological overview/mission) 
2 responders: 
3-5 panel:

11:30 – 1:30pm Chapel/Lunch Chapel at 11:45am
1:30 – 3pm Session 5 Heidi Worthen Gamble (mission focus)
2 responders:
3-5 panel:
3 – 3:15pm Break  
3:15 – 4:45pm Session 6 Thomas E. Smith (worship/euch focus) 
2 responders: 
3-5 panel
April 25    
9:30 - 11am  Session 7 Teresa Stricklen (summary overview)
2 responders:
3-5 panel:
11am  End/Chapel Chapel at 11:10am

E. Connecting via Technology

Twitter:  follow #ModCE

Live Teleconference:  Dial (610) 214-0000

  • Passcode: 116604
  • Followed by pound key “#” then the number 1

The live stream for this event will be broadcast here.

F. Papers, Schedule and Other Information

Will be posted at the GA Moderator’s site:

G. Logistics

This event is free to the public. Those who wish to attend and participate at Austin are invited to join the colloquium in McCord Building Room 204.