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222nd General Assembly (2016)

2020 Vision Team


The 222nd General Assembly (2016) created the 2020 Vision Team “to develop a guiding statement for the denomination and make a plan for its implementation with all deliberate speed. The process of developing such a guiding statement will help us to name and claim our denominational identity as we seek to follow the Spirit into the future” (Minutes, 2016, Part I, pp.40, 257 of the electronic journal).


The committee shall be made up of at least six teaching elders and at least six ruling elders, and the following demographic traits should be considered when naming members of the committee:

  • gender identity
  • geographic location
  • inclusion of people under the age of forty (with special attention paid to young adult advisory delegates (YAADs) serving on the Assembly Committee on “The Way Forward” of the 222nd General Assembly (2016)
  • racial ethnic minorities
  • those engaged in both parish and validated ministries
  • theological diversity (people representative of all the “clusters” identified in “When We Gather at the Table”)

The Co-Moderators of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) shall serve as additional, ex officio, members of this committee.

  • Ruling Elder Bernadette Coffee, Co-Moderator
  • Teaching Elder Lisa Juica Perkins, Co-Moderator
  • Full Team Membership 

Meeting Dates

All dates are in 2017.

  • February 11–12 in Irving, Texas
  • April 6 - Conference call
  • June 8 - Conference call
  • June 13 - Detroit Presbytery Meeting; 2:00 - 3:30 p.m.
  • June 22 - Bakersfield, CA w/ Kern Coalition Against Human Trafficking; 2:00 p.m.
  • July 6 at 8:00 a.m. - July 8 (Time TBD) in St. Louis, Missouri during Big Tent
  • September 9 - Lake Michigan Presbytery meeting; 11:00 a.m. - Noon
  • October 14 in St. Louis, MO at Polity Conference


Come and meet a representative from the 2020 Vision Team, tasked by the 222nd General Assembly to develop a guiding statement for the PC(USA). This statement will "help us name and claim our denominational identity as we seek to follow the Spirit into the future.” You will be asked to share and discuss where you see God's movement in the PC(USA) for the future. 

  • July 7-8 - Big Tent, St. Louis - Listening sessions are scheduled during all workshop sessions (Friday 10:15 a.m., 2:00 p.m.; Saturday 10:30 a.m.)
  • August 19 - Greater Atlanta Presbytery, McDonough Presbyterian Church (427 McGarity Rd, McDonough, GA ) 
    Listening session will take place during quarterly meeting.  



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