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Certified Christian Educators

Educator Certification Handbook


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The handbook is the most recent version, dated 2016. This Handbook is provided to assist Christian educators to become:

  • Certified Christian Educators
  • Christian Education Associates

Download the Educator Certification Handbook

A print version of the 2016 Educator Certification Handbook is available here.

Individual sections of the Handbook can be printed out separately by indicating the desired page numbers on your print menu. In addition, forms are available below.

Forms for the Educator Certification Process*

Advisor's Summary of Evaluation
CCE Exam Guidelines for Readers 
CEA Reading List
Exam Readiness Form for Advisor Only
Examination Evaluation for Advisor Only
General Reference Group Comments
Guidelines for Reference Group Meetings
Reference Group Guidelines for Reading the CCE Exam 
Reflections on Learnings - Exam Response
Verification of Ministry

*Adobe Acrobat is recommended for completing fillable PDF forms. Download a free version here.