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Certified Christian Educators

Policy updates from the Educator Certification Council


The following is information from recent Educator Certification Council meeting:

  • In addition to these courses, please be aware that the appropriate required courses in degree programs from PCUSA-related seminaries will be accepted as meeting educational requirements for certification at CCE level.  Electives will be considered on a course by course basis.
  • M. Div. coursework in Biblical Interpretation, Reformed Theology and Presbyterian Polity from the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary distance education program will be accepted as fulfilling requirements at CCE level for a two year trial beginning in April 2009. CLP coursework (currently at one credit) will not fulfill the entire requirement for certification.
  • A pilot project allowing EEA candidates to be permitted to substitute biblical, theological, and education courses in Opening Doors to Discipleship workshops in these areas has begun.  Interested educators must contact the certification office prior to beginning and must review the application assignments embedded in the course with the certification advisor throughout the course.

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