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Commissioned Ruling Elders

Seattle Presbytery's focus on immigrant populations


Seattle Presbytery's focus on immigrant populations    

Christian Nurture:

Education, Spiritual Life And Discipleship

minimum of 10 study hours plus directed experiential learning.


  • Why is education a part of our ministry?
  • Human development and characteristics of different ages
  • A sampling of educational models used in the church
  • Criteria used in selecting materials for teaching
  • Constructing a lesson - develop a lesson plan, teach the lesson and critique the results
  • Other issues of importance in education

Spiritual life and discipleship:

  • Introduction to a reformed understanding of spiritual life and discipleship
  • Conversation about the support for the candidate's own spiritual journey
  • Together with the candidate, evaluate which models of discipleship are best suited for his/her community


  • Selected articles from "Alert Magazine" and the "APCE Advocate"
  • The Teaching Church by Eugene C. Roehlkepartain
  • Soul Stories: African American Christian Education by Anne Streaty Wimberly
  • Teaching Teachers to Teach by Donald Griggs
  • Teaching for Faith (book and/or video) by Richard Osmer
  • Learning and Leading - selected videos from PCUSA
  • More than Glue and Glitter: A Class Room Guide for Volunteers by Debbie Trafton O'Neal
  • Help! I'm a Sunday School Teacher by Mary Duckert
  • A Climate for Learning: Educational Planning for your Congregation by June Holohan
  • Soul Feast by Marjorie Thompson
  • Reformed Spirituality by Howard Rice
  • Books by Henri Nouwen

Reaching Out:

Evangelism and Mission

minimum of 10 study hours plus directed experiential learning

Areas of Training

  • Dialogue about the history of evangelism and mission among the candidate's own ethnic/cultural group
  • Key Biblical texts relating to evangelism, faith-sharing and cross-cultural mission
  • Discussion of key issues in evangelism and mission facing the church
    Candidate's interview of a missionary to a non-Christian community on topic areas including:
    • Dominant beliefs about God, salvation and the faith of people in that community
    • Major issues people face in living out their faith
    • Major issues the missionary being interviewed faces in living out their faith
    • Perceptions people have of Christianity, the United States, and the role and influence of Christian missionaries
    • Candidate participation with particular congregations in their evangelism and mission committee work and study
  • Reading and/or viewing videos with discussion from several materials as suggested, or others on the topic:
    • "Mission in the 1990s", by Clifton Kirkpatrick
    • "De-Westernizing the Gospel", Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship
    • "Go Therefore: 150 Years of Presbyterians in Global Mission", by James Smylie
    • "Presbyterians in World Mission", G. Thompson Brown
    • "Service Evangelism", Richard S. Armstrong
    • Translated materials from the American Bible Society and other ecumenical partners

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