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Immigration Issues

Action Alert for Congressional Action on Immigration Reform


September 27, 2013

Take action on Friday, September 27th by asking Congress to oppose HR 2278 (SAFE Act) and to work to create a bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship without militarizing our borders.

The Stated Clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church has joined with other ecumenical leaders by sending a letter to Congress and asking them to oppose HR 2278. This letter from the Stated Clerk will arrive in congressional offices on September 27th and you can join this work by calling your Representative and sharing your story and why HR 2278 would be bad for your community.

This legislation is not in-line with General Assembly policy on immigration reform. The General Assembly has set forth the following as elements of a just reform: pathway to citizenship for those already working and living in the US, reduce or eliminate backlogs in family and employment immigration, create pathways for future immigration, and reform enforcement programs so that they comply with notions of due process and respect human rights without militarizing our borders.

Find out who represents you, then call your Representative and urge him/her to oppose HR 2278 (the SAFE Act).

Learn more about HR 2278 from the Interfaith Immigration Coalition and Immigration Policy Center.

Sample script

Hello this is _______________ from _______________ and I’m calling to urge Rep. ___________ to oppose HR 2278, also known as the SAFE Act. I’m a Presbyterian and I believe that this legislation will be harmful to my community and congregation. We deserve a comprehensive immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship and doesn’t militarize our borders.  Thank you for your time.

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