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Immigration Issues

Statistics and Facts


Did you know?

In 2010, 11.2 million unauthorized immigrants were living in the U.S. down from the 2007 peak of 12 million. View Source

In 2010, the total number of persons naturalizing to the United States was 619,913. View Source

4.5 million U.S. births in 2008 (8%) was a child born to at least one unauthorized immigrant parent. View Source

In 2008, Border Patrol Officials apprehended 724,000 persons without proper documentation in the United States. View Source

53% of Latinos think unauthorized immigrants should pay a fine, but not be deported. View Source

More persons obtained legal permanent resident status in 1991 than any other year on record. View Source

13,435,000 people (37%) make up the Hispanic population in California. View Source

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) removed 392,000 unauthorized immigrants nationwide in 2010. Half of those removed, more than 195,000, were convicted criminals. View Source


A Snapshot of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Statistics