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Mid Councils

Mid Council Financial Network


MCFN 2013 - Materials

  1. Jill Hudson – Trends in Mid Council Partnerships (PPT 10.6mb)
  2. Sam Locke – Special Offerings Update - Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong, special offerings information and videos
  3. Jay Hudson – Changes in Giving (Word 41kb), Impacting the Church (PPT 1.6mb)
  4. Tim Step – Am I Receiving, Paying & Reconciling? (PPT 2.1mb)
  5. Thomas Hay – Conversations on Per Capita & GA Process (PPT 5.5 mb)
  6. Terri Bate – Funds Development Update –Spirituality of Fundraising (PDF 749kb)
  7. Clark Simmons – Board of Pensions Update (PPT 1.2mb)
  8. Reginald Tuggle – Coping with the Challenge of Doing More with Less (PPT 736kb)
  9. Jean Marie Peacock – What Do We Know About Project Homecoming? Website, video shown, brochure (PDF 2.9mb)
  10. Rob Bullock, Anita Clemons & Stephen Kaizer – Report from the Presbyterian Foundation (PPT 2.2mb)
  11. Frank Sommerville – Nonprofit Practices, Church Law & Taxes (PDF 1.9mb)
  12. Roger Dermody – Doing More With Less and God’s Mission & Ministry
  13. Attendance List (Word 36kb)
  14. Staff/Speaker List (Word 23kb)
  15. Vendor List (Word 14kb)
  16. Narrative Budgets – Chantal Atnip, Synod of Trinity
  17. Small Business Health Care Tax Credit for Small Businesses – Chantal Atnip, Synod of Trinity


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