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Ministers/ Teaching Elders

Ministers/ Teaching Elders

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PC(USA) ordination standards

Marcia Clark Myers, former Director of Vocation and Andrew Black, former Director of Constitutional Services, discuss  PC(USA) ordination standards in this video

Bi-Vocational Ministry Training

Bi-vocational ministry is a growing form of pastoral leadership in the 21st century. This new and not so new form of ministry provides hope for small congregations and ministers seeking calls. Simply stated, bi-vocational or “tentmaking” ministry is when a minister who is employed by a congregation is also employed in another situation. However, bi-vocational ministry within the Presbyterian Church raises the issues of shifting paradigms, new leadership models, economic sustainability, and the shared ministry of the church. Join the free webinars presented by the Office of Vocation to learn more about bi-vocational ministry, its positive aspects and its benefits for the Church.   

Webinars and events:


Presbyterian Pastoral Care Network (PPCN) Annual Conference

A recent informal conversation with presbytery execs across the Presbyterian Church included the question, "What do you think the major challenge is for clergy today?" With few exceptions, they responded clergy isolation and loneliness. In response, the Presbytery Pastoral Care Network has designed its annual conference around the theme Rediscovering the Beloved Community: Overcoming Isolation.

The conference, cosponsored by the Synod of the Sun, will be at First Presbyterian Church, Fort Worth, Texas, October 27-30, 2014. Pastors, Committees on Ministry, Clergy Care groups, presbytery staff, and all others who care about the health and vitality of clergy are invited. For more information and to register go to

Tentmaking Ministry in the Contemporary Church

This webinar is designed to assist congregations and part time, tentmaking pastors in working effectively together to meet the needs of the congregations they serve.  It is based on the premise that even when a congregation calls a part time pastor, the church itself still has full time needs.

Webinar was held on September 12, 2012.  Individual training webinars will be available for viewing soon.

Uncovering Opportunity in the 'Hidden Job Market'

Ministers hold a rich bounty of skills and abilities that are highly desired by the non-profit and corporate worlds.  What is needed to make the transition from full-time ministry into the secular workplace is imagination, a solid strategy and the will. This webinar focuses on equipping religious professionals to use skills and abilities they already have to support them in obtaining employment in an alternative setting.

Webinar was held originally on September 25, 2012.


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Expanding the Ministry of the Church Through Bi-vocational Leadership and Community Development

Through this webinar learn how to expand your congregation's ministry to the community through bi-vocational ministry.  Learn whether Faith-based initiatives grants are right for you.  Learn about community development and the rewards of grassroot ministry.

Webinar was held originally on October 9, 2012.


Online Leadership Assessment Tools

Considering a new form of ministry? Seeking a new call?  Strengthening your ministry?

Sign up for the  Gallup/SRI Online Mission Developer Assessment

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Standards of ethical conduct for ministers and others

This document reviews standards of ethical conduct for those serving in General Assembly entities.


Just compensation

One of the questions asked of a congregation at the installation of a pastor is, “Do we promise to pay him (her) fairly and provide for his (her) welfare as he (she) works among us?”  The expectation is that the congregation will answer with a whole-hearted, “Yes!” but there is often uncertainty, on both sides, about what is considered fair compensation.  Get resources and tools for synods, presbyteries, congregations and church professions to analyze clergy terms of call and compensation offers for pay equity purposes.  

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The Rev. Sharon Selestewa

A dream fulfilled

Sharon Selestewa

Like many a biblical dreamer before her, the Rev. Sharon Selestewa heard God call her name while she slept. And not just once, but three times.

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