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Ministers/ Teaching Elders

Ministry Committees/Commissions


Get the new 2011-13 Advisory Handbook

In accord with the new Form of Government’s purpose to provide guidance for our common life, rather than be a regulatory manual, the OGA offers new editions of its “Advisory Handbooks”. They are designed for use by those who are called to presbytery ministry committees or commissions and those involved in preparation for ministry. They are available without charge as downloadable documents. Continue reading

Advisory Handbook of Preparation for Ministry in the PC(USA)


Sampling of presbytery processes of examining candidates and ministers

Find a sampling of presbytery processes of examining candidates and ministers.

Membership in "COM Matters"

If you are a COM member or COM staff and would like to participate in “COM Matters” the private PC(USA) meeting for exchange of wisdom related to Committees/Commissions of Ministry work, simply send an e-mail to Jake Souder, tell him your relation to COM, and ask to be added to the group.

Get help for coaching, consultation and spiritual direction

You know you want help — for yourself, your congregation, or a pastor or congregation with which you are working. What kind of help is needed?

A Spiritual Director? Coach? Consultant? Therapist?

What are they? How do you find one? How do you evaluate them for your situation and contract for their services?

We hope these printer-friendly information sheets will help you answer those questions and find the help you are seeking. They include:

  • Comparison of Helping Professions
  • Coaching
  • Sample Coaching Policies and Agreement
  • Sample Coaching Agreement
  • Consultation
  • Sample Consultation Contract Outline
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Therapy


A Formula of Agreement Orderly Exchange of Ordained Ministers

Find out more about the Orderly Exchange of Ordained Ministers of Word and Sacrament between the denominations of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), United Church of Christ, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and the Reformed Church in America.

Healthy Ministries: the goal of Committees/Commissions of Ministry work

The Committees/Commissions of Ministry’s primary responsibility is “to serve as pastor and counselor to the ministers and Certified Christian Educators of the presbytery, to facilitate the relations between congregations, ministers, and Certified Christian Educators, and the presbytery, and to settle difficulties on behalf of presbytery when possible and expedient.” (G-11.0501) The primary responsibilities of the COM are best fulfilled by fostering healthy ministries in the congregations of the presbytery.

Creating safe churches

Sexual misconduct is a sad reality that we must all work to prevent. Discover tools that are helpful in this effort.