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Preparation for Ministry

Forms reporting actions to others


The forms included on this page are used to report a presbytery’s actions to others across the church. They cover reporting a person’s status with their supervising committee/commission overseeing preparation for ministry, transfer of care to another presbytery, withdrawal/removal from the process, certification of readiness to receive a call, and ordination to the role of teaching elder.

You may access the PDF version of each form simply by clicking on the specific form designation. Once you begin completing a form, you should use “Save as …” to create a new file (e.g., “NameForm6.pdf”).

Form 6          “Summary Report of Final Assessment”
This form, completed by the committee/commission overseeing preparation for ministry, acknowledges that the committee/commission overseeing preparation for ministry of the candidate’s presbytery has conducted a final assessment of the candidate’s preparation and readiness to begin ministry. It certifies that she/he has successfully completed all of the denomination’s and the committee/commission overseeing preparation for ministry's requirements and so is ready to be examined for ordination. (Since this report may need to be shared with another calling presbytery, this form should be used by all presbyteries.)


Form 7A and 7B have been retired!         Beginning in January 2014 the Office of the General Assembly moved to a completely online management systems for presbyteries to report action related to their inquirers and candidates. The system also provides direct access to senior ordination exams and their evaluations as well as Bible Content Exam results, and is to be used by presbyteries to report their ordination exam readers to the Office of the General Assembly.  Both a "User's Guide" and a "Quick Reference Sheet" have been prepared to assist presbyteries in the use of the system.

Download the "User's Guide" (with screen shots and full descriptions)

Download the "Quick Reference Sheet" (two page summary of main operations)

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