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Big Tent 2019

Other Big Tent Activities


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Engagement With Baltimore Mission

Friday evening includes an invitation for Big Tent participants to get out into the city, with several opportunities to see some of the things that Presbyterians are doing in Baltimore and to share a meal. Some involve an additional fee and require advance sign up - available as part of Big Tent registration

See the Schedule of Events (.PDF) for information on these opportunities, which include:

  • Art at Work Tour and Farm to Table Dinner
  • The Center’s Justice Tour and Dinner at Light Street Presbyterian Church
  • Music Ministry with Grace Presbyterian Church
  • The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum, Inc. and Dinner at Knox Presbyterian Church

Optional activities for those who elect not to sign up for one of these tours/visits include:

Big Tent participation in Baltimore Ceasefire (

Movie Night at the Lord Baltimore hotel, with viewings of PCUSA-produced documentaries.

Pre-and Post-Big Tent Conferences and Meetings

Several pre-and post-Big Tent options for education and networking are offered, listed below. Please review the full Big Tent Schedule of Events (.PDF) for more information; registration for these is available during the Big Tent registration process.

Pre-Big Tent

Haiti Mission Network Meeting (begins Tuesday, July 30)
Fee - $145    All are welcome.

African Leaders Pre-Conference (begins Tuesday, July 30)
By invitation. Contact Lemuel Garcia (

National Asian Presbyterian Council meeting (begins Tuesday, July 30)
By invitation. For information contact Mei-Hui Lai (

National Hispanic/Latino-a Caucus Meeting (begins Tuesday, July 30)
By invitation. For information, contact Tony Aja (

National Middle East Presbyterian Caucus meeting (begins Tuesday, July 30)  
By invitation. For information contact Magdy Girgis (

Convocation for Communities of Color (begins Wednesday, July 31)
Fee - $100  For information, contact Lemuel Garcia (

Asylum & Immigration Networking & Best Practices (Thursday morning, August 1)
Fee  -  $10.  For information, contact Susan Krehbiel (

Post-Big Tent

Presbyterian Intercultural Young Adult Network Post Conference (PIYAN)
(Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, August 3-4).
For information, contact Moongil Cho (

Vital Congregations Facilitators Training
(Sunday dinner through 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, August 4-6)
By invitation. For information, contact Monique Rhodes (