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General Assembly Nominating Committee

Why Serve?


The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is committed to the full participation and representation of the rich diversity of the church in its governance.

The General Assembly nominations process ensures that nominations and appointments are made in conformity with this commitment, ensuring that the nomination process is open and accessible to the broad membership of the church. It also ensures the competence, skills, diversity, and regional representation needed on the General Assembly entities.

General Information

The General Assembly Nominating Committee nominates persons to the ongoing boards, committees, and commissions for election by the General Assembly.  The GA Nominating Committee is a sixteen-member committee composed of persons from each of the synods.  Members of the GANC are elected by the General Assembly upon the nomination of the Moderator of the previous General Assembly. 

As part of the nominations process, members of the GA Nominating Committee engage in prayerful personal and communal discernment.  The GA Nominating Committee proposes to each General Assembly the results of its discernment – nomination of persons who, in its judgment, are called by God for particular service at a particular time in the life of the church.

The GA Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating persons to serve on approximately thirty boards, councils, commissions, and committees.  Many of these positions require specialized interest and technical and professional skills in areas such as finance, law, education, publishing, investments, marketing, human resources, and fund raising.  Others need persons with a love for polity, with General Assembly commissioner experience, a broad understanding of the church, and a heart for mission.  Please consider the possibility that God may be calling you to share your gifts, experience, skills, and passion for the church!

For more information see the GA Nominations FAQ document

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