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222nd General Assembly (2016)

GA Participants


A list of the names and presbyteries of commissioners to the 222nd General Assembly (.PDF) is available at no charge. 

In accordance with Standing Rule B.6 in the Manual of the General Assembly,

Upon request, the Stated Clerk shall make available the list of participants registered for a session of the General Assembly to entities of the General Assembly, councils of the denomination, educational institutions, teaching elders, ruling elders, and independent organizations composed primarily of members of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). A fee will be charged for lists or mailing labels to cover the costs incurred for printing, postage, and handling.

Eligible organizations and individuals may order a mailing list on-line here. The fee is $35 per list, which will be sent by email as an excel spreadsheet, and include name, mailing address, role, and (for commissioners and advisory delegates) committee assignment. Email addresses are NOT included. You may specify commissioners and advisory delegates only, or all registered participants.

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  1. I Am a retired Teaching Elder and former Executive Presbyter. I will be attending General Assembly in Portland.

    by John E Strausz Clement

    June 10, 2016


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