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220th General Assembly (2012)

GA220 Orientation Resources


Presbyteries orient their commissioners and young adult advisory delegates for their work at the General Assembly.  In order to support presbyteries in that task, as well as to assist other attendees to the assembly, the Office of the General Assembly has provided a number of resources.


The Office of the General Assembly has hosted a series of Web seminars (webinars) in preparation for commissioner and advisory delegates, as well as other attendees, who will be attending the assembly. Below is a selection of presentations that provide general advice to first time commissioners, registration information, an overview of how assembly business is conducted, and other topics. Webinars make traditional seminars more affordable, they facilitate reaching a wider audience and add considerable advantages over traditional onsite seminars such as interactive Q&A, real-time collaboration, and the ability to digitally archive for playback from our website. The player below contains all videos from the webinar series. Click on the bottom bar of the player to scroll through them.

Webinar playlist

Advice Videos

We’ve asked commissioners from past General Assemblies to respond to a couple of questions so that we could post them and offer them as advice to commissioners and others attending the 220th General Assembly.

What tips would you offer for commissioner self-care – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and so forth?

by The Rev. Mindy Douglas Adams

Schedules are busy at the General Assembly—but what would you tell people to be sure not to miss, if possible?

by The Rev. Byron Wade

Other Videos

The Stated Clerk’s 7 Gratitudes for the Assembly
Offering Our Gifts – People with Disabilities at the General Assembly

Offering Our Gifts start screen


Mission Tours being offered by Pittsburgh Presbytery’s Committee on Local Arrangements

Audio Podcast

What is an Authoritative Interpretation? Download.
An authoritative interpretation – or AI – is an interpretation of The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) that carries the authority of the General Assembly and is binding on the councils of the church. Those councils include the session, the presbytery, the synod, and the General Assembly.

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