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220th General Assembly (2012)

GA220 Webinars


Orientation Resources

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The Office of the General Assembly has hosted a series of Web seminars (webinars) in preparation for commissioner and advisory delegates, as well as other attendees, who will be attending the assembly. Below is a selection of presentations that provide general advice to first time commissioners, registration information, an overview of how assembly business is conducted, and other topics.  Webinars make traditional seminars more affordable, they facilitate reaching a wider audience and add considerable advantages over traditional onsite seminars such as interactive Q&A, real-time collaboration, and the ability to digitally archive for playback from our website.

03/20/12 General Assembly Overview
[View in (Korean), (Spanish)]

03/27/12 Using PC-Biz

04/04/12 GA Registration Instructions

4/10/12 – Election of the Moderator

4/17/12 – Election of the Stated Clerk

4/24/12 – Media Tips and Sources of Information

5/1/12 – Parliamentary Procedures in Committees

5/15/12 – Committee Leadership Roles

6/5/12 – Issues of Inclusion

06/05/12 – YAAD Issues

6/12/12 – Preparing for “After the Assembly”

6/19/12 – Business Before the Committees

6/26/12 – Tips for Arriving in Pittsburgh

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