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Certified Christian Educators

Support and advocacy


Support and advocacy

The Association of Presbyterian Church Educators (APCE)

The Association of Presbyterian Church Educators is a professional association concerned with the advancement of education in the church and is committed to the on-going witness of our faith in the Gospel. General information outlining the support given to church educators by the group. Download an APCE membership brochure.

Models for care and support of educators from two presbyteries

Mission Presbytery's Policy on Care and Benefits for Christian Educators

Policy for the Care of Christian Educators in the Presbytery of Florida

Presbyteries have chosen different ways to include educators in their structure. These models may give ideas to other presbyteries that are just beginning in this process. If your presbytery has included educators in the structure, the Office of Certification would be glad to receive a copy of your models to share.

Best practices regarding Christian Educators

Models, best practices and policies from presbyteries and synods on Christian Educators. We make no endorsements of these models and practices, but provide them in support of the mission and ministries of middle governing bodies. Please contact the author/governing body listed for further information.

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