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Korean-Speaking Councils Support (English)

Korean-Speaking Councils Support (English)

[ 한국어 ]

The Office of Manager for Korean-speaking Councils Support was born out of the 222nd GA’s decision to “create a (OGA) staff position, working in coordination with the Office of Mid Council Ministries and the Presbyterian Mission Agency, for the purposes of supporting and nurturing healthy, connectional Korean-language congregations and presbyteries and second-generation Korean congregations.”  While I expect my responsibilities to constantly evolve with the changing nature of the immigrant ministry, I would presently sum them up as supporting all levels of council – individual Korean-American sessions, presbyteries (geographic and non-geographic), synod, and GA – in regard to all ecclesiastical matters involving Korean-speaking constituencies.  I also collaborate with all 6 national agencies, as well as GA level committees and commissions, providing support and consultation.

Having served in diverse settings and being tricultural/trilingual (Korean, English, Spanish), I aspire to support the church to the best of my ability.  Please feel free to contact me anytime, as it is my hope that you take full advantage of my service as we forge ahead and strive to fulfill our Gospel missions together.

In Christ,
Rev. Joshua Park


Image of Josh Park

Rev. Joshua Park
Manager for Korean-Speaking Councils Support