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Lives Transformed

Read stories of how an individual's life has been impacted by the programs, initiatives and activities of the General Assembly Mission Council.

Phyllis Tickle’s Bibliography

"Phyllis Tickle, founding editor of the Religion Department of Publishers Weekly, the international journal of the book industry, is frequently quoted in print sources like USA Today, Christian Science Monitor, NY Times as well as in electronic media like PBS, NPR, The Hallmark Channel, and innumerable blogs and web sites. Tickle is an authority on religion in America and a much sought after lecturer on the subject." -

Read more.

Read a report on Mission Challenge ’07

Mission Challenge ’07 was a bold initiative aimed at connecting Presbyterians with their mission personnel serving the church around the world. The primary goal was to build stronger relationships between congregations and mission co-workers. It was also a new model and experiment aimed at addressing our members’ changing giving patterns and upgrading our own capacity to serve those changing needs.

By many standards, Mission Challenge ’07 was an overwhelming success. At the same time, we learned much from this endeavor that continues to inform any future plans in the area of interpretation and funds development. Learn more — read the report for Middle Governing Body Executives on Mission Challenge ’07.

The Travail of the Presbytery

Joseph D. Small

Contemporary presbyteries in North America’s Presbyterian churches are the product of influences coming from Calvin’s Geneva, by way of Knox’s Scotland, through the colonial American experience and the westward migration, to the twentieth century institutionalization of the church. Time and interaction with American individualism, free enterprise, and the managerial spirit have weakened the originating influences, although their language and forms remain. So it is worth reminding ourselves of earlier terminology and structures, not as an exercise in nostalgia, but as possible resources for the re-formation of the church.

Read Joseph Small's article "The Travail Of The Presbytery."

Discernment in decision making

The Peacemaking program and the Office of the General Assembly are partnering in the production of resources for governing bodies who wish to use discernment as part of their decision making. Those resources are not available in their final form yet. However you may find other resources about discernment on the final repost of the  Theological Task Force on Peace, Unity, and Purity [English] [Spanish].

Presbytery and Synod offices: Share Middle Governing Body changes and updates

Do you have a new Executive or Stated Clerk? Has your office moved or changed phone numbers? If you have had any of these changes or have a new e-mail, fax or phone please share that with the Communications Development and Technology Department (OGA Records) office.

This office keeps the official Stated Clerk and Executive listing and needs updates from Presbytery and Synod offices as soon as they are available. Many people use this listing and your help in keeping it up to date is appreciated.

Please forward any changes for your office to Kris Valerius.