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Revisions to the 'Advisory Handbook' on Preparing for Ministry

The handbook provides moderators, presbytery staff, and applicants with an overview of the process and resources, its intentions and goals. A new edition of the Advisory Handbook has been released to reflect amendments to the Book of Order approved by the presbyteries in 2017. The handbook is available as a free downloadable resource in PDF format.  The latest revision is identifiable by the date "December 2017" and "Release 2.1" on the cover and copyright pages.

Download:  English   한국어

2011-2013 Advisory Handbook for Ministry Committees/Commissions

This handbook includes sections that are introductory to presbytery responsibilities (G-3.0307), offer guidance on particular functions of the work, and provide information and resources on a variety of topics. Each segment includes relevant Book of Order references, introductory information, questions for consideration of the designated presbytery body, and related resources.

Download the handbook: English    한국어
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A Formula of Agreement Orderly Exchange of Ordained Ministers

Find out more about the Orderly Exchange of Ordained Ministers of Word and Sacrament between the denominations of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), United Church of Christ, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and the Reformed Church in America.

Healthy Ministries: the goal of Committees/Commissions of Ministry work

The Committees/Commissions of Ministry’s primary responsibility is “to serve as pastor and counselor to the ministers and Certified Christian Educators of the presbytery, to facilitate the relations between congregations, ministers, and Certified Christian Educators, and the presbytery, and to settle difficulties on behalf of presbytery when possible and expedient.” (G-11.0501) The primary responsibilities of the COM are best fulfilled by fostering healthy ministries in the congregations of the presbytery.

Creating safe churches

Sexual misconduct is a sad reality that we must all work to prevent. Discover tools that are helpful in this effort.