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Cooperative ministries, cooperative parishes


List of cooperative ministries and cooperative parishes

Tell us about your PC(USA)-related cooperative ministry.

What is cooperative ministry?

Cooperative ministry is:

  • A witness to our unity in Christ.
  • A way for small congregations to respond to God’s call for ministry in their community.
  • A way for congregations to do ministry that one congregation could not do alone.
  • A multiple-staff model of ministry that shares ministry among a team of persons with different gifts.
  • A model that draws upon the gifts of all of God’s people for ministry.
  • A covenantal style of ministry.

Different configurations of cooperative ministries

There are many different configurations of cooperative ministries including:

  • three or more PC(USA) congregations;
  • PC(USA) congregations in cooperative ministry with churches of other denominations;
  • rural parishes;
  • urban clusters;
  • small congregations and middle-sized congregations sharing ministry together;
  • or ministries staffed by ministers, CLPs, educators, interns or volunteers.


Spiritual Vitality Through Cooperative Ministry

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