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Ministers/ Teaching Elders

Strengthening pastoral leadership in first-call churches


Helping newly ordained ministers move from their roles as seminary students to their new roles as leaders of congregations.

  • Developing self-understanding related to their role as pastor;
  • Understanding the congregation served in terms of history, ethos, programs, status in the community, and the relation to the denomination;
  • Establishing an appropriate pastoral relationship style for their situation;
  • Dealing with conflicts that may emerge in the congregation.

Goals for New Pastor Programs

First call programs

TAS2TE of Ministry — Developed by the Presbytery of West Virginia, offered for 15 years jointly by presbyteries in West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere in the Mid-Atlantic region. The TAS2TE Program (Transitional and Survival Skills Training Event) is for newly ordained pastors and their families over the first four years of ministry. It focuses on the development of spiritual identity, congregational entry, balanced life, and skills for ministry.

Annotated Outline of TAS2TE of Ministry Here I Am, Lord, Now What?

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