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Presbyterian Chaplains

Opportunity for Post-Chaplaincy Ministry



Posted on July 10, 2014:

SAN MATEO PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (PCUSA) — Located in San Mateo, Florida, this congregation has 80 members (average in worship = 100) and is seeking a part-time pastor. The Chair of the Search Committee describes the church as  ”energetic”, possessing “a great reputation in the community” as well as a focus on young people. If interested, please contact Louise B. (Weezie) Smith, Chair of the Search Committee, at (386) 972-3081.

Posted on August 28, 2014:

LOWER MARSH CREEK PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (PCUSA) — Located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, this congregation of approximately 250 members is seeking a solo pastor. According to their Church Information Form,

“The congregation of Lower Marsh Creek Presbyterian Church brings diverse religious, theological and social backgrounds,along with many gifts and talents, to serving God. At the heart of our ministry is the desire to glorify God in all things and know our Savior Jesus Christ more intimately. Everything we do is built on that solid foundation and aims at loving, thanking, following, serving and obeying Him more. We praise God joyously through His word, prayer and song during Sunday services. Approximately 76 percent of active members attend each week, spread across two services. Members actively participate through music ministries, lay readership and fellowship with members, friends and visitors. Members and friends live as a family of faith made alive in Christ through Christian education and fellowship opportunities most days of the week. There are nearly 25 unique ministries offered for children, youth and adults. Each is based on the teachings of the Bible and equips participants with the tools they need to discern who they are in Christ and the mission to which God has called them. A strong emphasis is placed on sharing Christ’s love both within and beyond the walls of our stone church. We are a caring congregation, and those who enter our doors immediately feel that love. Beyond our walls, approximately 17 percent of the church budget.”

LMCPC’s Mif # is 07327.AB0. They are part of the Carlisle Presbytery in the Synod of the Trinity. Contact their PNC at

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