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Constitutional Interpretation

Church Conflict and Negotiation


History of Presbyterians in Times of Controversy and Conflict

The history of conflict in our church teaches us many lessons today. Below you will find various historical resources that will afford an opportunity for us to learn from the past so that we may practice wisdom in the present.

Resources for Negotiation

Negotiation has important Biblical and practical foundations as a means of addressing and resolving conflict in church environments. Many of these resources were developed for the conference: The Spiritual and Practical Aspects of Negotiation of Church Conflict. Negotiation is defined as the process of coming to joint or mutual agreement; the process of joint or mutual problem-solving. The resources below are intended to help you address questions like: How can we negotiate conflict and work through differences with our brothers and sisters? What are some of the different models of negotiation? What are some of the key biblical principles to help me understand negotiation? How does negotiation relate to other methods of dispute resolution, such as mediation, arbitration, litigation, or self-help? How do we avoid zero-sum and us vs. them dynamics? What are ways to avoid escalating conflict? How does framing and reframing relate to negotiation? What spiritual perspectives and practices are helpful to understanding and preparing for negotiation? What issues should we be mindful of in negotiating property disputes? What other resources are available to understanding and practicing negotiation?