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Constitutional Interpretation

Form of Government


the Form of Government

In seeking to be faithful and open to God’s continued reformation, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) implemented a new Form of Government in July 2011. With greater freedom and flexibility, the new Form of Government encourages congregations and councils to focus on God’s mission and how they can faithfully participate in this mission. In offering a structure that is more horizontal than hierarchical, the new Form of Government encourages the church to be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as it seeks to be Christ’s body and live out its calling as a community of faith, hope, love and witness. Below you will find various handouts, presentations and resources focused on the new Form of Government that are intended to provide helpful background information and generate church-wide discussions about key themes within the new Form of government.

The new Form of Government contains:
Foundations of Presbyterian Polity — lays out the principles that are foundational to government, worship, and discipline for the PC(USA).

Form of Government — spells out the constitutional framework for government of the PC(USA) as it seeks to respond to God’s call to life in mission.

Advisory Handbook for Councils for the Development of Policies and Procedures Required by the Form of Government — an aid to councils (governing bodies) of the church for developing the policies and procedures to carry out their mission.

Handouts and discussion tools for the Form of Government

An Overview of the new Form of Government

The Missional Church

Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church

The Session and the new Form of Government

PC(USA) Building Unity and Community

Background articles on the new Form of Government

Advisory handbooks