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The Personal Information Form (PIF)

Presbyterian pastors, Christian educators, administrators, executives and other church professionals seeking a call to service within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) fill out a Personal Information Form (PIF). This form lists the person’s education, work experience, ecclesiastical standing, and any professional memberships and certifications. It also lists the types of positions the person is interested in serving along with minimum compensation they will consider. Leadership Competencies and interests are listed along with narrative answers to several questions. Once completed the PIF is submitted to CLC and following approval is posted in the CLC system.

The Ministry Information Form (MIF)

Presbyterian congregations, presbyteries, synods, educational institutions, and other Presbyterian entities seeking leaders for ministry positions fill out a Ministry Information Form (MIF). This form describes the size and make-up of the congregation/entity, the type of community where the ministry is located, the position to be filled and the salary for the position. Answers to narrative questions describe the ministry and mission of the church/entity in more detail. Once completed the MIF is submitted to CLC and following approval is posted in the CLC system.

Matching MIFs and PIFs

Once a MIF is posted in the CLC system, matching the MIF with PIFs in CLC can be done. Matching selects PIFs that fit most closely to a particular MIF in position type, years of experience, salary, and leadership competencies. The list of referred PIFs is sent to the chair of the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) or search committee for their discernment.

Self Referral

Persons with PIFs in CLC can also “Self Refer” through the system by choosing “send Self-Refer” under the dropdown PIF menu. Use the Opportunity Search listing to self-refer your PIF. The Opportunity Search Program of CLC allows a user to view all MIFs that are currently in CLC or narrow the search to just a few MIFs using specific sorting criteria. Go to the Opportunity Search for more information.

MIFs and PIFs in CLC

MIFs and PIFs are kept in CLC until CLC is notified that a call has been extended and accepted. PIFs that are in CLC longer than one year must be annually renewed and re-attested. CLC can also remove MIFs and PIFs when requested by authorized individuals.

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  1. Understand it may not be appropriate for CLC to publish MIF upon receipt. However, do not understand why CLC does not explicitly urge the submitting congregation to publish it themselves - maybe omitting compensation numbers. Why would a congregation want to hide its search? Especially from potential candidates seeking to discern God's will.

    by Charles Scouten

    January 2, 2016


  2. I am seeking a new church and I need to look at MIF's but you've made it more difficult. How do I get to the MIF's? One Frustrated Pastor

    by Rev. Connie Stone

    October 27, 2015


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