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한글 성직정보 양식에 관해 자주하는 질문들 MIF (Korean)

  • How long does it take our MIF to become active in CLC?
    As soon as the Presbytery Committee on Ministry Moderator and your Clerk of Session both approve your MIF, a CLC consultant will review your MIF for completion and release it to be active in CLC.  Often the delay in releasing a MIF is related to an incomplete MIF needing corrections or the failure of the COM Moderator or Clerk of Session to approve to the MIF.  You can speed things along by making sure your MIF is complete, quickly making the changes requested by CLC, and notifying your CPM Moderator or Clerk of Session that your MIF is ready for their approval. 
  • Who performs the matching for our MIF?
    When your MIF is listed on the Opportunity Search and is ready for matching, the chair of your PNC/Search Committee will receive an email from CLC notifying them of the activation of the MIF and who the responsible party is for matching, the presbytery or CLC.  If your presbytery is responsible for matching the MIFs for their congregations, it is usually the Executive/General Presbyter or another presbytery staff member who does the matching. CLC does the matching for the other MIFs and when requested by presbyteries.  If you want to know who, specifically, is doing the matching in your presbytery, contact your presbytery office. 
  • How long does it take for our MIF to be matched with PIFs?
    The first matching of a MIF is usually completed within 2 to 3 working days after a MIF has become activated on CLC.  If your presbytery is doing the matching, contact your Executive/General Presbyter for more details.  If CLC is doing the matching and you have not received referred PIFs within this time frame please call CLC at (888) 728-7228, x8550 or via email

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