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  • 한글 개인정보 양식에 관해 자주하는 질문들 PIF (Korean)

  • I’m considering several different types of positions.  Can I submit more than one PIF?

Yes, you can have up to three separate PIFs in CLC.  This allows you to tailor a PIF to a particular position you are considering (for example: interim pastor, associate pastor, and governing body staff).  You do not have to re-enter Part I for each PIF, simply create and submit a new Part II and the CLC system will assign a version number at the end of the PIF number (.1, .2 and .3). 

  • How long does it take my PIF to become active in CLC?

As soon as the Presbytery Stated Clerk or Committee on Preparation for Ministry Moderator attests to your PIF, a CLC consultant will review your PIF for completion and release it to be active in CLC.  Often the delay in releasing a PIF is related to an incomplete PIF needing corrections or the failure of the Stated Clerk or CPM Moderator to attest to the PIF.  You can speed things along by making sure your PIF is complete, quickly making the changes requested by CLC, and notifying your Stated Clerk or CPM Moderator that your PIF is ready for their attestation. 

  • When will my PIF be matched with a position?

Matches through CLC are done for positions.  When a match is done and if your PIF meets a calling organization's criteria, then your PIF will be sent to the EP/GP, COM, PNC, and/or search committee.  You can see where your PIF has been matched and referred by logging into the CLC system.  On the “Reports” menu, pull down and click on “View Referred MIFs”.  Any matching and referral of your PIF will be listed.  You can view the referred MIF by clicking on the MIF number. 

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