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Church Leadership Connection

For Such a Time as This


The For Such A Time As This Pastoral Residency Program (FSATAT) is now a part of the Church Leadership Connection (CLC).  The two-year pastoral residency program for first-call pastors serves small, underserved congregations.  Participating residents are provided a network of support in their first two years as a teaching elder through a pastor/mentor chosen by their presbytery, participation in a monthly cluster learning group with other first call pastors and their mentors, and annual week-long trainings in Louisville in the areas of church growth and transformation, leadership development, and understanding small churches. 

Participating congregations receive a two-year designated pastor (whose call is renewable after the two years if all parties are agreeable), a small salary support grant ($4000 for each year of the residency), and an opportunity to be a teaching congregation for a new pastor who is equipped to help the church re-engage with the community and explore new avenues of ministry.

These positions may be selected by churches and by candidates seeking calls directly through CLC beginning September 30, 2013.  Congregations must be approved by their presbytery with the accompanying presbytery financial commitment in order to participate.  Candidates for positions must agree to all terms of the program for consideration.  For more information contact the For Such a Time as This office at, or call Rev. Cynthia Cushman at 502-569-5381.

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