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Immigration Issues

Presbyterians For Just Immigration Signup



People of faith are joining together and calling for immigration reform and the full recognition of immigrants’ rights. They are doing this, in big and small ways, because of a shared faith in Jesus Christ who spent his ministry at the margins of society and because of the call to remember that they were once strangers/immigrants in Egypt. The rediscovery of our individual immigration story and true identity as immigrants gives people of faith a fresh perspective. Through this lens we can look critically at our nation’s immigration laws and see the suffering created by this unjust system.

Commit yourself to joining Presbyterians on this quest for re-discovery. 

By signing up here we will contact you with:

  • Action alerts so you can take action to advocate on behalf of immigrants
  • Updated resources and materials on immigration
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Together we can find a way forward. Join the movement to ensure justice prevails so we can declare that there are no longer strangers and aliens but that we are all citizens of the household of God.