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Preparation for Ministry

Forms for annual consultations


These are used to prepare for and report the outcomes of a consultation. The same forms are used in the inquiry and candidacy phases as well as for consultations once a candidate has been “certified to ready to be examined for ordination, pending a call.”

You may access the PDF version of each form simply by clicking on the specific form designation. Once you begin completing a form, you should use “Save as …” to create a new file, keeping in mind that these forms will need to be completed for each year the person is in the preparation for ministry process (e.g., “Name2010Form3.pdf”).

Form 3          “Pre-consultation report on development areas”
This report, completed by the inquirer/candidate before each consultation, evaluates progress in accomplishing previously agreed-upon goals and objectives. The form requests a listing of completed courses, and includes specific questions to be addressed in each of the five growth areas.


Form 4          “Report on Consultation”
A summary report of the consultation, completed by the committee/commission overseeing preparation for ministry and the inquirer/candidate, that indicates developmental progress in the five key areas along with growth objectives agreed to for the next year. The completed report is sent to the inquirer/candidate, theological institution, and sponsoring session.