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Preparation for Ministry

PCCEC for Candidates Task Force on Ordination Exams


Presbyteries’ Cooperative Committee on Examinations for Candidates Task Force on Ordination Exams

As part of its self-study report to the 218th General Assembly (2008), the Presbyteries’ Cooperative Committee on Examinations for Candidates (PCCEC) committed to forming a task force to “explore new models of national ordination examinations, so that they:

  • better serve as a moment for a candidate to demonstrate integrative learning and pastoral wisdom and imagination,
  • more fully invest presbyteries in providing gifted members to read ordination examinations,
  • more full enable racial ethnic participation in the examinations and examination process” (Minutes, 1347).

The task force continues its work and will periodically be posting reports on this webpage both to share its findings and to solicit comments as it develops its recommendations to the PCCEC.

Preliminary Report

A New Vision for National Ordination Examinations: An Invitation to Discussion

Drawing on the work of the predecessor self-study by the PCCEC, the task force has drafted a preliminary report. It offers background information about the exams and presents some proposals concerning preparation for the exams within the overall context of the preparation for ministry process and the timing and locations for writing the exams.


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