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Preparation for Ministry

Sample forms for customization by CPMs


This page contains links to Microsoft Word and Excel files that correspond to the PDF versions of the standard forms for the process of preparation for the ministry of Word and Sacrament. These are provided as a service to CPMs that may wish to use them as a basis from which to develop customized versions of the forms reflecting their particular requirements and procedures.

Forms that will be shared directly with either the Office of the General Assembly or other presbyteries are not included here since presbyteries should use the standard forms to report those actions.

Descriptions of each form and its purposes may be found on the pages providing links to the standard PDF version of the form.

Form 1A               Form 1B               Form 1C               Form 1D

Form 2A              Form 2B 

Form 3

Form 4

Form 5A               Form 5B                Form 5C            Form5D

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