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Ruling Elders

Additional Ruling Elder Resources



  • “Employment Guidance for Sessions and Session Personnel Committees” A guide to assist sessions with personnel processes and policies. Explores topics such as hiring and oversight of staff, roles of various individuals and groups in the process, and compliance with civil law—with reflections on Presbyterian theological perspective and our commitment to equity and inclusion. It is designed for congregations of all sizes. Available here.


  • Pop Quiz for Aspiring Ecumenical and Interfaith Leaders”. Created by Rev. Dr. Clifton Kirkpatrick for use in a training session sponsored by Presbyterian World Mission as a way of teaching the basics on ecumenism, world Christianity, and world mission, this quiz can be used with ruling elders in training and education. The quiz and its answers are available here.

Charts for Discussion and Training

  • “Big God Big Questions: Infographics”. Created for use with the PC(USA) confirmation curriculum, these 16 colorful posters include information on the creeds, church history, the sacraments, the Bible, and much more. Great for ruling elder training and hanging on the wall of the Session meeting room. A full printed set is available here for $25 and a downloadable version is available here.
  • "Themes of Reformed Theology and Polity". Download a chart for reference with discussion questions here.
  • “Councils of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)”Download a chart and descriptions of the four councils of the church and their roles.


  • "Confession Matching Game". Formatted cards to cut apart and use to match aspects of a creed to its title, available here.
  • “Ruling Elder Search Game”. Download this game which entails finding other ruling elders who have engaged in a variety of ministries and activities through their ministry.
  • “Presbyopoly”. Created by a confirmation class at St. Andrews Presbyterian in Tulsa, OK, players learn Bible stories, sacraments, and beliefs of the PC(USA) along with seasons and symbols of the church. Available in versions for several ages at, the game was tested by several students at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and their review is available here.


Presbytery Commissioner Orientation

  • “Presbytery Meeting Bingo”. First time at a presbytery meeting? Use this Bingo card and notice the terms used throughout the gathering.
  • “The Basics of Parliamentary Procedure”. Orientation to new presbytery commissioners sung to the tune of “Chim-Chim-Cheree.” Download
  • “Parliamentary Jeopardy”. Orientation to new presbytery commissioners using the answer-question style of the popular Jeopardy game show. Used by permission of the Presbytery of East Tennessee. Download

Parliamentary Procedure

  • “Parliamentary Motions Guide”. Use this helpful reference chart which refers to the parliamentary procedure of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (11th Edition). Download