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Ruling Elders

Ways to Use Regarding Ruling Elders


Articles published as a part of the Regarding Ruling Elders series are meant to benefit ruling elders and other leaders in the church as they serve in ministry throughout the PC(USA).  There are many ways these articles might be used:

  • Designate one ruling elder or staff person to forward the web link to all ruling elders when new articles are released on the 15th of each month
  • Encourage ruling elders to add their contact information to the Ruling Elder Network to receive a notice when articles are released
  • Cut and paste the article in your church or mid council newsletter
  • Use the current month’s article for discussion at the monthly session meeting
  • Compile the articles for use at ruling elder training
  • Post the articles and/or a link to the ruling elder website on the church website
  • Use the articles in a group of teaching elders to spark discussion about ways of assisting ruling elders in that particular part of their ministry role

When republishing the Regarding Ruling Elders articles, the appropriate attribution of source must be used.