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The main purpose of the CLC system is to provide a way for PC(USA) congregations to find possible candidates that are actively seeking for an opportunity to serve in a congregation. Our resources will help with the Sign up and functions for Clerk of Sessions and Pastoral Nominating Committee chair and members, information about the MDP, new CLC processes and navigation tutorials. The CLC Team will be in constant revision of these documents as we update functions and find ways to better communicate with all our users in a more effective manner. If you are seeking information that is not in our resources, contact the CLC Staff at so we can provide an answer in a timely manner.

CLC System Training Video Collection

Access the full-screen version of the video collection here

CLC System Resources

Clerk of Session User Guide
Call Process Checklist
Call Process Checklist - 목사 청빙 절차

MDP Blank Form
MDP Blank Form - [ 한국어 ]
MDP - Narrative Questions
How to Answer and Read the MDPs
A Complete Guide for Creating and Matching an MDP

Tutorial Videos/Webinars
CLC Glossary of Terms & Processes
Guide to the Competency Survey & Match Criteria
CLC System FAQ

NOT A CALLing Organization/Church?

The following pages may be helpful:

CLC for Call Seekers
CLC for Mid Council Leaders

Need additional assistance?
Please contact CLC at or call us at 502.569.8550