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Committee on the Office of the General Assembly

Meeting Papers



September 27-29, 2021

Session 1
Item 1.1     Proposed Meeting Agenda (pdf)
Item 1.2     Approval of Minutes - April 13-15, 2021 (pdf)
Item 1.3     Approval of Minutes - May 20, 2021 (pdf)
Item 1.4     Approval of Minutes - June 17, 2021 (pdf)

Session 2 - GA225 - Review of Action Items
Item 2.1    Mid Council Leaders Survey Results
Item 2.1.1 Mid Council Survey Thematic Groups (pdf)
Item 2.3    Recommendation to Not Include Exhibit Hall in the GA Program (pdf)
Item 2.4    Recommendation on Allowing Direct Access to Commissioners During Committees (pdf)
Item 2.5    Overture Advocate Presence Recommendation (pdf)
Item 2.5.1 Process & Discernment Working Group - Informational Report (pdf)
Item 2.6    Resource Person Presence Recommendation (pdf)
Item 2.7    Per Diem (pdf)
Item 2.8    Julia's Punch List (pdf)

Session 3 - Bible Study on Hebrews 11:1

Session 4 - Welcome, Opening Prayer, Checking in with One Another

Session 5 - Order of the Day 
Item 5.1    CounterStories Consulting Report to the PMA Board (pdf)

Session 6 - Order of the Day

Session 7 
Item 7.1     Hybrid Meeting Guidelines
Item 7.2    PPP Designation from PC(USA) - A-Corp (pdf)
Item 7.3    Financial Report (pdf)
Item 7.4    Updates on the General Assembly Budget (pdf)
Item 7.5    Staffing Rationale (pdf)
Item 7.5.1 OGA Organizational Chart (pdf)

Session 8 - Closed Session

Session 9 - Discussion and Vote on Action Items in Session 2

Session 10
Item 10.1    COGA Workgroup Structure and Leadership (pdf)
Item 10.2    COGA Recruitment and On-Boarding

For Information
PHS Board Class List (pdf)
PHS Board Committees (pdf)


April 13-15, 2021

Items are in order as presented in the COGA Meeting Agenda

First Plenary
Item A-02     Proposed COGA Meeting Agenda (as of 04/13/21)  (pdf)
Item A-03     Approval of Minutes - January 19 & 20, 2021 & March 18, 2021 (pdf)
Item B-01     Report from COGA liaison to the PHS Board (pdf)   
Item B-01b   PHS Board Nominees - Class of 2025 (pdf)
Item C-01     Final 2020 Financial Statements (pdf)
Item B-04    Child/Youth/Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy & Its Procedures (pdf)
Item C-03     Ethics Policy (pdf) 
Item C-03a   Ethics Policy Form to be Signed (pdf)
Item A-05     GA225 Design Team Report (pdf)
Item A-05a   GA225 Proposed Docket (pdf)
Item A-06a   GA225 Process & Discernment Team Report (pdf)

Second Plenary
Item A-07     GA225 Events Team Report (pdf)

Third Plenary
Item C-02     Process-Discernment Team Report (pdf)
Item C-02a   Commissioner Expectations GA225 (pdf)


February 18, 2021

Proposed Meeting Agenda (pdf)
Communications Team Report (pdf)
Design Team Report (pdf)
Events Team Report (pdf)



January 19-21, 2021


First Plenary [A]
Item A-02      Proposed COGA Meeting Agenda (pdf)
Item A-03      Approval of Minutes - September 28, 2020 through December 17, 2020 (pdf)
Item A-04a    Stated Clerk's Vision for the Church- English (pdf)
Item A-04b    Stated Clerk's Vision for the Church - Korean (pdf)
Item A-04c    Stated Clerk's Vision for the Church - Spanish (pdf)
Item A-05      GA225 Decision Process Report (pdf)

Second Plenary [B]
Item B-01      Write-off of Per Capita "Uncollectibles" (pdf)

Third Plenary [C]

Fourth Plenary [D]

Items for Information Only
Info-01         COGA Member List (pdf)
Info-02        COGA Manual of Operations (pdf)
Info-03        2021-2020 Budgets (pdf)

Expense Reimbursement Form Excel (xls)   Adobe Acrobat (pdf)


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