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Per Capita

Per Capita

The Tie That Binds from Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) OGA on Vimeo.

Per Capita connects Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) congregations and mid councils with the work of the wider church. As the primary source of funding for the Office of the General Assembly (OGA), it is how Presbyterians mutually and equitably share the costs of moving the church forward in the 21st century.

Per Capita giving makes it possible for: 

  • Presbyterians to discern and live out God’s call in their lives
  • Churches to connect with individuals seeking a call to ministry
  • OGA to staff and support General Assembly committees and commissions
  • OGA to manage and coordinate General Assembly gatherings
  • Presbytery and synod leaders to gather for training and discernment
  • OGA to provide counsel and support for churches in crisis (misconduct, legal matters)
  • Presbyteries to address matters of inclusion, participation and representation at all levels of church leadership and decision making
  • The denomination to build connections with ecumenical partners around the world
  • Presbyteries and pastors to receive support on immigration issues
  • Presbyterian history to be saved and utilized by future generations

All Presbyterians are called to take part in the whole church’s ecclesiastical and administrative work through per capita giving. The annual rate is a per-member apportionment that is assessed biennially by the General Assembly.  (Book of Order, G-3.0106) 

         “Per Capita is crucial to the overall health of the PC(USA), because it binds presbyteries, synods, and congregations together in one church.”

– J. Herbert Nelson, II,
Stated Clerk of the General Assembly of the PC(USA)

GA per capita rates

2012: $6.63
2013: $6.87
2014: $7.02
2015: $7.07
2016: $7.12
2017: $7.50
2018: $7.73
2019: $8.95
2020: $8.95

For more information, contact the Office of the General Assembly.