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Per Capita

Per Capita Resource Materials


The following are resources that can be used in explaining per capita funding of PC(USA). These resources can help congregations, sessions and presbyteries better understand what per capita is and how it is used.




Per Capita Giving

Per Capita Overview (Color) (PDF) 
Per Capita Overview (Grayscale)  (PDF)


Image with text - How did your pastor come to be a pastor

How did your pastor become a pastor? (Color) (PDF)
How did your pastor become a pastor? (Grayscale) (PDF)


Image with text, He tells us We never know what is going to happen. Only God knows"Immigration Issues (Color) (PDF)
Immigration Issues (Grayscale) (PDF)


Image of people with text What is the General Assembly?

What is a General Assembly? (Color) (PDF)
What is a General Assembly? (Grayscale) (PDF)


Brochures, Posters, etc. 

Per Capita Brochure (PDF)

Per Capita Poster (PDF)

Per Capita Folder Cover (PDF)

Per Capita Remittance Envelope (PDF)

Per Capita Banner - 11 x 17 (PDF) - 2018

Per Capita Placemat - 17 x 11 (PDF) - 2018


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