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Preparation for Ministry

Preparation for Ministry

Revisions to the 'Advisory Handbook' on Preparing for Ministry

The handbook provides moderators, presbytery staff, and applicants with an overview of the process and resources, its intentions and goals. Following on the recommendations of the 221st General Assembly (2014) related to the preparation for ministry process, including amendments to G-2.0607 and G-2.0610 now approved by the presbyteries, a comprehensive review and update has been made to the “Advisory Handbook.” The handbook is available as a free downloadable resource in PDF format.  The latest revision is identifiable by the date "June 2015" and "Release 2.0" on the cover and copyright pages.


Discerning Your Call and Your Gifts For Ministry of Word and Sacrament

This is a rewrite of “Discerning Your Call and Your Gifts for Ministry.” This pamphlet is used to explore one's gifts & talents to further explore and possibly pursue the ministry profession.


Gifted by the Flame - Professional Church Vocations

This is an updated version of "Call to Presbyterian Professional Church Mission" — Allows one to choose different paths in the ministry profession, as well as to explore different areas of vocational interest.


Addressing Seminarian Debt

This is a great video for anyone considering seminary or in seminary to consider as they plan financially.

Go to Lee Hinson-Hasty's blog to see the video.

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But if the Bible says anything clearly, it says this: God calls us: calls us to do whatever God has in mind; calls us to set a great many other things aside and follow God's bidding.

— James O. Chatham from Is It I, Lord? Discerning God's Call to be a Pastor (Westminster John Knox Press, 2002)