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Mid Council Ministries

Mid Council Ministries

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Call us toll free at (888) 728-7228 x5156.  Mid Council Ministries consists of Constitutional Services, Mid Council Relations, and Ordered Ministries and Certification.

Mid Council Ministries Staff - january 2018

Resourcing the life of the church in the Middle Councils and the ministries of Teaching and Ruling Elder. Call us toll free at (888) 728-7228 and then dial the 4 digit extension below, or dial direct using (502) 569-xxxx.

Constitutional Interpretation

Church Leadership Connection

  • Manager, Call Process Support
    Jihyun Oh
  • Church Leadership Connection Consultant
    Wilma Scott

Mid Council Relations

Office of Immigration Services

Preparation for Ministry

Ruling Elders and Educator Certification

  • Manager, Ruling Elder Resources and Educator Certification
    Martha Miller

News & Statements

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