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Mid Council Ministries

Mid Council Ministries

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Call us toll free at (888) 728-7228 x5156.  You may also download our full staff listing here.

Mid Council Ministries consists of Constitutional Services, Mid Council Relations, and Ordered Ministries and Certification (Church Leadership Connection, Preparation for Ministry, Ruling Elders, Office of Deacon, and Christian Educator Certification. Formerly Vocational Ministries).

Mid Council Ministries Staff
  • SanDawna Gaulman Ashley, Manager, Leadership Development and Church Leadership Connection
  • Tim Cargal, Manager, Preparation for Ministry and Examinations
  • Molly Casteel, Manager, Representation, Inclusiveness, and Ruling Elder Training
  • Laurie Griffith, Manager, Judicial Process and Social Witness
  • Carol Hawkins, Church Leadership Connection Consultant
  • Sue Krummel, Director for Mid Council Relations
  • Joyce Lieberman, Director for Constitutional Interpretation
  • Martha Miller, Manager, Ruling Elder Resources and Educator Certification 
  • Diane Minter, Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Kerry Rice, Director for Ordered Ministries and Certification
  • Wilma Scott, Church Leadership Connection Consultant
  • Teresa Waggener, Manager, Immigration Issues
  • Laura Polk, Coordinator, Immigration Advocacy
  • Jake Souder, Program Assistant
  • Cheri Harper, Administrative Assistant

News & Statements

  • Visible scars and wounds

    November 7, 2014

    Larissa Kwong Abazia

    The days when divided and conflicted Presbyterians could gloss over or ignore their differences are over, General Assembly Vice-moderator Larissa Kwong Abazia said today (Nov. 7).

    “This day,” she told more than 120 presbytery and synod leaders gathered here for the annual Moderators Conference, “we are called to move through the pain and suffering, to have the tough conversations, to face one another as brothers and sisters in Christ, and take the hard together.”

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